With Political Science & Journalism as educational background, Anoop Keechery is believed to be a visionary when it comes to Politics and any news pertaining to it.
With knowledge as vast as his, he is the “go to” person to know the current political scenario.
A two time National Award winner for Narration of a Documentary, with immense experience as a news presenter, new editor and creative director, it is but natural that Anoop chose this medium to reach out to the people.
Having previously worked with Radio Asia 1269 AM he has now joined the news team at Super 94.7 FM with the expertise in the area most talked about by a Malayalee – Politics !


In spite of having a decade long experience in Television and Radio Journalism in India and UAE, Dhanya Lakshmi, the news editor of Super 94.7 FM, still feels like a beginner, learning with each news story covered and reviewed. She feels that being a media person is not a means to achieve fame but an unending commitment and responsibility to the society. Dhanya Lakshmi who started her career as the sub editor and prime time news presenter of Kairali Television, proudly holds the legacy of presenting the “Good Morning Gulf” programme at Radio Asia, 1269 AM. Today, as the news editor and presenter of Super 94.7 FM, her responsibility and spirit has only increased with the hourly news bulletin’s and newspaper review show, “Morning News and Views with Dhanya”. An impartial view and analysis of all that makes news is what you will get with Dhanya.


This true Malappuram man is tough on the outside and a softie inside. Always waiting for an opportunity to connect with people, he believes that there could be nothing better than being a radio jockey to do this. While many time he may sound a little crazy on air, the world would never be what it is without the crazy creative, would it? His take on life is, “there are 99% things that make us happy and only 1% reserved for making life worse, then why just make use of that 1%? This might sound crazy to you, but if you give it some thought, you just might agree with Hash!


Mithra is more famously known as ‘The Musically Informed One’. A walking encyclopedia on music is a university rank holder in psychology. Now if that isn’t a winning combo, we don’t know what is! This intuitive music master is a force to be reckoned with, having won the Excellence in Radio award for ‘Best Drive Time Jockey’. But don’t get all serious, because Mithra isn’t! This anything but sober presenter has a quick wit and a clever solution for almost everything. All you need to do is ask!


RJ Rahul...though an RJ, is a famous foodie among everyone who knows him. Hes a charming, talkative and a very energetic guy...in for any crazy wild fun stuff.
He has that knack of attracting people with his good looks and witty character...tries to see the positive side of things than worry. Like any other guy, he is a gadget freak, since the time he bought his Note 3 hes been into it day and night explains this madness.
His field of study also includes film making which turned him into a big big very big movie freak, music lover too He prefers spending time his family first...a small family guy he is.
His friends call him "Our Favourite Darling" and he says the huge group keeps him from missing his family back home too much Mobile ...Ardent fan of Note 3, gaming consoles and super heros…have an amazing fashion and colour sense. Talk about food combinations, be it any cuisine….no doubt he’ll take your taste buds for a ride


RJ Rijin………he is [O”RIJIN”AL] A perfect combination of total madness sprinkled with funky facts…
Rijin’s a sweet, romantic guy with spiked hair, with husky voice & little bit of sarcasm and an animal lover. He is in love ( with his IPHONE), he loves his Ferrari ..(jacket), loves travelling, long drives and he is MAD…(about any gadget) that is electronic and has the ability to surf( not surfing) and download. He composes his own music, sings( a good listener of his own songs) and even writes. He loves speed, water (though he can’t swim); he loves his dog “SHADOW” (more than his Girl Friend we suppose) and anything to do with the latest technology and of course his listeners. Beware of this charmer, and if he does not like something he will just say NO even to his DAD. He is just an ordinary guy who lives next door. "1+1 & A Little More Fun" May it be the music or the host RIJIN. This little boy presents the best side of the local flavor in his O”RIJIN”AL style…

Shalu Faizal

A voice that you would love to hear, vivacious and full of life! She loves conversation. Shalu a household name in U.A.E, a  girl next door, loves making others happy. She is here just for you, for making your special ones feel extra special with your chosen songs for dedication. And she has a great taste in music. Shalu will serve you, the best in music in her signature style.


Tune in to Hello Shalu, from Sunday to Thursday, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM…

Trendy Twenty the official count down show on Saturdays 5 p.m to 7 p.m


About Me: U will know when u listen to me

Birth Date : Feb 17

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Personality Type: Independent.Never be pinned down by persons or  rules.I want to experience the world on my own.Change and freedom are very important to me, will never let anyone dictate me.Enthusiast, talkative, versatile and mentally active. 

I am the ever youthful child, no matter my chronological age.

Fashion: I like to update myself.Experimental when it comes about style. I follow my own trend.

Passion: Music, Performance, Travelling, Reading, Family


I Love: Good companionship and meeting new people. I love to have a positive effect on people.

I Hate: Dishonest and narrow minded people. Pessimist,social injustice really hate male chauvinists

Message for Listener: Be honest and true to yourself then your peace will be like a river and the victory will be your's…….  



She loves listening to music from all era’s and she is fun loving….
Every Morning she wakes up UAE with lots of thoughts & morning wishes on “Super Sunrise”
Every  Weekend she plays some retro songs on “Metro Retro”. It has a nostalgic feeling, which lifts the spirits in our heart.
Listeners can choose songs from different era’s and dedicate it to their loved one’s by sending an SMS to 6020 or Email..
Show Name     -Super Sunrise - 6 Am to 7Am
                         Metro Retro – 12Pm to 2Pm


Sukanya can't decide if she's lazy or energetic but she's definitely got boundless optimism and a super sense of humor! Unpredictable and in phase of confusion, this extremely easygoing chatterbox creates ripples across the UAE airwaves. Talking nineteen to a dozen, she still manages to laugh at herself while giving others an absolutely rocking time to on air. It is not wonder, that this is what makes the sought after one. Living life on her own terms, and lives by her favorite quote: I am only one: but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.


She’s adventurous and loves to celebrate life. Tinku knows that even the smallest joys are life altering and believes the best way to share it is with everyone. She spreads her positivity everywhere she goes and gives the evening drive a whole new meaning. She’s spontaneity personified, a solution giver and an immense believer in the supreme power called God. She believes she was always meant to be an RJ, and we have to agree, because she twinkles and brings her high energy to offset the low energy we all feel when we’re driving back home after a long and tiring day. Tune out the bad energy and tune in to Tinku!


For a man who believes in freedom and transparency of news, it is no surprise that Venu Parmeswar has conducted himself with dignity in this industry for the last 15 years , while working with bigwigs like Doordarshan Kendra and All India Radio. With a baritone voice (the description given to his voice by Indian Express) and triple Post Graduation degrees (Public Relations, Journalism and MBA in HR!), this multi-talented news editor and presenter of Super 94.7 FM has won the award instituted by the Kerala Sahitya Academy for young writers and has also published a compilation of Thakazhi’s works. It is then but natural that Venu was one of the 20 media persons to have accompanied dignatories, like -Honourable Former President APJ Abdul Kalam, Honourable Former Vice President the Late Bhairon Singh Shekawat, current Honourable President Prathiba Patil, Honourable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Honourable Vice President Hamid Ansari - to various functions. He is the only privileged media representative to have accompanied all 5 of them. The experience and awareness of Venu Parmeshwar comes across in his news selection and presenting style in the hourly news bulletin’s as well as in the first third eye satirical view programme in UAE, “Point Blank”.

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